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CV -- Curriculum Vitae


A CV is a complete account of your academic career. It's longer than a resume and is more all-inclusive. For now your CV may be a little short, but it will grow with your career. Most private sector employers will want to see a resume, discussed elsewhere, but academic jobs will require a CV. For individual help, make an appointment with Valentine Roche at Career Services. Other Physics/APS students have had good experiences with her.


There are a lot of examples out on the web, and we have a file available on the CV and on the difference between a CV and a resume. Here are some ideas to get started:






degrees (e.g. BS Physics), date of degree or expected date

major GPA

classes taken, e.g. specialty classes that exhibit relevant knowledge




paid or volunteer, doesn't matter

project, advisor

techniques, methods used


publications or conferences?



Jobs other than research jobs:

put down specifics of what you did, especially if those skills are transferable




programming languages (IDL, C, PERL, etc.), software (matlab, mathematica, etc.), operating systems (UNIX, etc.)

Electronics/lab skills

Statistical and other applied mathematical skills

Foreign languages

If you've managed a budget, this is good, too

supervising other people

communications skills -- need to be specific here (talks, teaching, publications, posters)




scholarships, awards, recognitions




professional society memberships


teaching, tutoring, mentoring, outreach, volunteer work


Put down everything you can possibly think of and then get feedback (in Beyond Boulder, for example) about what should stay, what should go, and how to improve the organization.




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